Fuel Rewards

Fuel-up, Save Money

Secure Payment Card with Instant Discount at the Pump!

You can now link your checking account and your selected PIN with your Tom Thumb Fuel Friends Rewards Club Card, so you can pay for gas and merchandise at any of our Southeast Florida locations.

It’s safer and more secure than a credit card and works like your bank debit card. It’s the convenient way to pay and instantly SAVE on all your fuel purchases.
Save money on gas with the Tom Thumb Fuel Rewards Card

How Fuel Friends
Rewards Works..

Quite Simply – It works by attaching your bank account to your Tom Thumb Fuel Friends Rewards Club Card.

Fuel Friends Rewards Club –
General FAQ

Tom Thumb Fuel Friends Rewards is a secure and convenient way to pay at Tom Thumb Food Store locations. By linking your checking account to your Fuel Friends Rewards card, you get the convenience of paying for your purchase without annual fees or finance charges. Plus, you’ll instantly save on every gallon.

As a member, you’ll receive an instant price rollback on every gallon of gas purchased. There are no enrollment fees, annual fees or finance charges. Additionally, there will be no impact on your credit rating.

To get started, click here to sign up. You will need the following to enroll in Fuel Friends Rewards Club:

  • a valid driver’s license
  • a checking account
  • a working email address
  • be at least 18 Years of Age

Just scan your Fuel Friends Rewards Card at the pump and enter your PIN. To make a purchase inside a Tom Thumb Food Store location, give your Fuel Friends card to the cashier and let them know you’d like to pay with your Fuel Friends Rewards Card.

For additional security there are daily and weekly spending limits:
$200 limit per 48 hour period
$750 weekly limit
Up to 7 transactions per day (up to $200 limit)

If you have questions about the daily and weekly spending limits for Member Price, please call Zipline Customer Service at 833-928-7866.

Your discount is instantly rolled back at the pump. Scan your card, enter your PIN and watch the price roll back instantly. If you pay with Fuel Friends Rewards Price inside Tom Thumb, your cashier will apply your discount to your gas purchase.

You save $0.05 cents on every gallon of gas rolled back at the pump and for the first 90 days you receive an additional $0.10* cents per gallon discount – The additional discount is provided directly to the account and is not reflected at the pump.

*Total savings of $0.15 cents per gallon for the first 90 Days

Once you have enrolled, your account will either be activated immediately, or you’ll be sent an email with instructions for verification. If you are not activated immediately, the information that you provided will undergo a bank validation process.

This process could take up to (3) business days after the enrollment date. If additional information is needed, you will be notified of the activation step and program details through subsequent email messages.

You are responsible for completing the bank verification step in order to activate the payment function. This step requires you to confirm two small test transactions that we post to your account for verification purposes.

Tom Thumb Fuel Friends/Member Price relies on email to communicate with you. The important activation step is emailed to you upon enrollment into the program. You will also receive a friendly reminder email for each purchase you make using Fuel Friends/Member Price. Your email address also becomes your login to the Zipline member website where you can manage your payment card account information, view your transaction activity and/or change your PIN if needed.
When you make a purchase with Fuel Friends/Member Price you are issuing an electronic check. Using Fuel Friends/Member Price is no different than writing a check at the supermarket and being asked to show your driver’s license as identification. When you enroll in Fuel Friends/Member Price you voluntarily provide certain information to ZipLine in order to participate in this program. No information will be taken from the magnetic stripe on your driver’s license and the license will be used only to verify your identity as a participant in the program.
You can contact Zipline Customer Service at 833-928-7866 for questions related to the enrollment process.

You can use Fuel Rewards Club card at all Tom Thumb Food Store locations, view the map here.

Yes. If you obtained your original card from your local store, please pick up another card and call us to activate it.