Tom Thumb Food Stores Raises Money to Restore Coral Reefs

Article Published – September 18, 2019
“Raise the Reef” month, saw Tom Thumb Food Stores raise $6,423.00 to support the Coral Restoration Foundation™'s efforts to restore Florida's Coral Reefs.
Tom Thumb Food Stores Raises Money to Coral Restoration Foundation efforts to Restore Coral Reefs

CAPTION: Tom Thumb Food Stores Donates to the Coral Restoration Foundation on Thursday, September 5th

PHOTO DETAILS: Pictured from Left to Right: Tom McCarthy (Tom Thumb Food Stores), Martha Roesler, Chief Development Officer (Coral Restoration Foundation™), Rick Klyczek (Tom Thumb Food Stores)

Convenience Store Patrons' $1 & $5 donations add up to new life for Florida's Coral Reefs.

MIAMI, FL – In the spirit of helping the environment, South Florida-based Tom Thumb Food Stores has once again collaborated with Coral Restoration Foundation™ to help raise funds to support the reintroduction of critically endangered corals to the disappearing reefs of the Florida Coast.

This past June, designated as “Raise the Reef” month, saw Tom Thumb and Coral Restoration Foundation™ launch a coordinated effort to raise awareness and collect donations at each of the 14 Tom Thumb Food Store locations. At each convenient store location, patrons could donate $1 or $5 to support the return of coral to Florida waters – a total of $6,423.00 was raised.

“Tom Thumb has been a wonderful supporter over the years – they have championed our mission at every step. Through this event, accepting donations and raising critical awareness in their stores was yet one more way they have contributed to our cause. Thank you so much.”

“Anything we can do to help such an amazing group of people that do so much for not only the marine environment of South Florida, but to positively impact the global marine environment as well. Coral Restoration Foundation™ has been able to achieve so much, and we’re blessed to have them as a part of our community.” – Jim & Tom McCarthy, Owners of Tom Thumb Food Stores, Inc.


Coral Restoration Foundation™ Coral Restoration Foundation™ (CRF™) is a non-profit marine conservation organization dedicated to restoring reefs to a healthy state in Florida and globally. Through large-scale cultivation, outplanting and monitoring of genetically diverse corals, CRF works to support the reefs’ natural recovery processes. CRF engages and empowers others in their mission with dive programs, educational activities, scientific collaborations, and community outreach. They are headquartered in Key Largo, Florida. –


Tom Thumb Food Stores, Inc. operates 14 convenience stores and 8 Subway™ restaurant locations from Fort Lauderdale to Key West. A family-owned business since 1964, Tom Thumb supports a broad range of charitable and community programs in South Florida.

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